II: Teaching

I have created, added, or updated the curriculum of the following courses: 

THEATRE 5310  Foundations of Media Design: I developed this rigorous theatrical media design course to prepare graduate and advanced undergraduate students to work in professional theatre setting. 

ACCAD 5301 Devising Experiential Media Systems: Developed directly from my core research practice of interdisciplinary media design, this course is typically taken by graduate level theatre, dance, animation, writing, and music students who want to bring advanced human computer interactions into their research and practices. For more information refer to the slideshow link below.

ACCAD 5194.01 Narrative and Performance in Virtual Reality: Co-developed and taught with animation specialist Vita Berezina-Blackburn. For more information, refer to the slideshow link below. 

THEATRE 5771.09 Performance in Media: Film, Video and Digital: I developed and taught this advanced study course on the history and contemporary practice of technology and media used in contemporary live performance. Beyond exploring the technology of media in theatre, the class explores the cultural landscape that gave rise to the development of moving lights, projections, film, video, and digital animation.

THEATRE 2211 Introduction to Production Design: I have developed and regularly teach a media design section for this prerequisite undergraduate course in the OSU Theatre Department's core BA curriculum. This course acts as a gateway into the Department's design area.  

THEATRE 2367.03 Criticizing Television: On occasion I teach this undergraduate general education course based on a standardized syllabus I have adapted with guidance from OSU's Center for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT.)

Special Courses:

Advanced Topics in Lighting: Re-visioning Light in Our Lives: Represented in my portfolio by images of The Chiller Plant, this amazing interdisciplinary course was conceived by Mary Tarintino and funded by a BETHA grant. I was invited to develop the media design section for this course. This class was co-taught between myself and Mary Tarintino of Theatre, Kay Bea Jones and Terry Sullivan of Architecture, Steve Lavender of Integrated Systems Engineering and Orthopaedics, and Matthew Lewis of ACCAD. 

ACCAD 7101 Performance Installation Technology 7101: graduate level course developed and taught by graphics research specialist Matthew LewisI was invited to co-teach this graduate level course my first year at ACCAD. I helped Matt teach some aspects of programming in MAX and was able to lead some class sessions sharing some of my relevant expertise in programming Isadora.

Professional Teaching: 

I teach a sequence of media design courses annually at Live Design International's (LDI) massive convention and trade show. 

More details about my additional teaching can be found by following the links to my CV on the home page of this site.